Kitchen Designs for Winter 2022

Kitchen Designs for Winter 2022

Looking to revamp the old kitchen space this cold season? Here are the top trending designs that Cube customers just adore.

Decorating the kitchen is one of those household design tasks that takes place regularly. Since your kitchen and your bathroom are the two rooms you use most, you can understand how it comes to be grubbier than other spaces. Your kitchen is a high traffic room. Everyone in the family uses it for three meals a day or more. A grubby kitchen can hold up a house sale and put off your guests. These winter kitchen décor trends for 2022 can help you decide how best to brush up your kitchen.

Here are some top ways to decorate your next new kitchen if you want to stay trendy.

1 – Reclaimed Kitchens

Reclaimed brick and reclaimed wood are having a huge moment right now. This trend is all about environmental sustainability in the notoriously unsustainable building trade. Reclaimed building materials allow you to give a second life to an old item. Choose recycled over new to join in this trend. Recycled aggregates, reclaimed bricks, and reclaimed wood are all your friends.

2 – Marble Madness

Marble never goes out of fashion. You can use it on your splashback areas, use marble tiles on the walls, and even cast your worktops in marble. This is a solid stone material which comes in several colour options. Marble is metamorphosed calcite, so you do need to be careful around the use of acids. Spilling lemon juice on your marble bunker might dissolve it. Marble comes with upkeep. If you can’t keep up, don’t get it.

3 – Cabinet Curiosities

Colourful cabinets are in this year. Paint your kitchen cupboard doors in bold, bright colours to take part. Alternatively, get some decals and work with fun patterns and styles. The colourful kitchen cabinet is in this season. See how creative you can get.

4 – Plant Décor

Instead of art deco, 2022 is the year of plant deco. Placing your beloved houseplants at thoughtful intervals can make your kitchen come to life. Don’t restrict yourself to the window ledge or the window box. Get plants up high, down low, and hanging from baskets. Bring your new kitchen to life with some air plants to keep the dirt to a minimum.

Where to Shop for a New Kitchen in Essex?

All of this sounds fantastic, but where do you go to shop when you want to redecorate your kitchen? The good news is that you can shop for new kitchens right here with Cube Installations. As a locally owned, Colchester run business, our professional kitchen fitters offer an end to end service. We will help you plan, talk you through your options, instal the kitchen, plumb the kitchen, deal with your electrics, and then tidy up before we leave. We really are the one-stop-service for buying and installing a new kitchen in Colchester. Visit our showroom today to browse our dynamic range of kitchen fixtures, fittings, and furniture.