Shower Room Installation in Weeley, Clacton-On-Sea

Shower Room in Weeley, Clacton-On-Sea

We recently renovated a customer’s shower room in Weeley, Clacton-On-Sea. Our goal was to update their existing space with some new features for a more enjoyable shower experience.

One of the main updates was replacing the old showerhead with a new rainfall model. This type of shower head is larger than standard and mimics the feeling of showering in light summer rain.  We coupled it with a backlit mirror above the sink for better visibility and to add some soft lighting.

To give the shower room a clean, contemporary look, we used grey stone-effect wall tiles that continue seamlessly into the shower area. We matched these with complementary slate tile flooring. The neutral colour scheme helps make the compact space feel more open and airy.

For storage and functionality, we installed some new Roper Rhodes grey vanity units. These wall-mounted shelves and cabinets give plenty of space to organise bathroom essentials while blending with the colour scheme.

Additionally, we swapped out their standard shower hardware for a digital Mira model. This provides the latest in shower technology with touch button controls for convenient adjustment of water flow, temperature and more.

In the end, we were able to update this shower room to feel more fresh, and spacious and provide a better overall showering experience for our happy customer.

Small touches can refresh a well-used area into one people look forward to rather than just tolerate. Our focus as always remains on delivering solutions unique to each client’s specific needs, tastes and budget. Please reach out if we can transform your bath or shower room!

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