What’s Your Spring Home Renovation Project?

What’s Your Spring Home Renovation Project?

Springtime is the best time to start big projects. If you have been considering a home renovation project, now is the time to get those hours in before the summer rolls around.

Renovating your house is never easy. Nine times out of ten you will find new things to fix, the longer the project goes on for. This is the reason most prefer to renovate their house a single room at a time, instead of opting for an outright whole house renovation. You have to have somewhere to eat and sleep while all that building work goes on. If it’s so tricky, why do it? Let’s answer that question before we move on.

Home Renovations – Are They Worth It?

Home renovation projects are simultaneously the most rewarding thing you can work towards. They add value to the total resale price of your house. They give you and your family a better living space, thereby improving your quality of life. In some cases a home renovation is better for your family’s health. For example, if you have a pre-1999 home, it might have asbestos in it. When you consider the potential health implications of updating an old house, then the answer is only ever yes – home renovations are always worth your time and effort.

Top Spring Home Renovations to Get Excited About

Have we swayed you towards home renovations this springtime? If so, here are the top home renovation projects you could make to upgrade your quality of life.

The New Bathroom

The bathroom is the first room in the house to look grubby. A renovation here makes the room more appealing. The last thing any of us want is neighbours, friends, or family using the toilet facilities and leaving unimpressed. Renovate your bathroom this spring to avoid embarrassment.

The New Kitchen

The second grubbiest room of the house is your kitchen. The bathroom and kitchen are both in use several times a day and by all family members. Renovating your kitchen can increase the aesthetic appeal or you can use it to rework the space for improved functionality.

The Loft Conversion

Building up into your attic gives you an extra storey to your home. With the right insulation and enough experienced foresight, your loft conversion could add to the resale value of your home. Renovate your loft this spring to boost resale value by increasing the square yardage of your home.

The Home Extension

There are lots of ways you can extend your home. You can get an outdoor room addition. Adding a garden room could double as a working from home studio. You might choose a conservatory instead, built into your garden. Alternatively, you can add a second storey room addition above your garage. The biggest value room additions are double bedrooms, which can push the price of your home upwards by as much as double. Conservative estimates say add 15%[i] of your property price for that one double room.

Where to Find Out About Home Extensions in Essex?

Here at Cube Installations, we offer a tailored home renovation service which we design based on your needs. Contact us today to find out more about your home upgrade or come on down to our Weeley showroom and meet the team.

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